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  • ADARAS Universal Lightroom Presets Bundle - 100+ Lightroom Presets + Bonus Toolkit
  • ADARAS Food Lightroom Preset U04: Before & After
  • ADARAS Fashion Lightroom Preset U01: Before & After
  • Editorial Lightroom Presets - Flatlay ADARAS U03
  • Jamaica Documentary Lightroom Preset - ADARAS U03
  • Teal Paradise Lightroom Preset - Before & After
  • ADARAS U01 Lightroom Preset - Orange & Teal
  • ADARAS Vietnam Field - U01 Lightroom Preset - Before & After
  • Orange & Teal Lightroom Preset: Jamaica U04
  • Before & After Adaras U01 Interior Lightroom Preset
  • Wedding Chrome Lightroom Preset - Before & After
  • Food Flatlay Lightroom Preset: Before & After
  • ADARAS U02 Clean Chrome Lightroom Preset - Before & After - People
  • ADARAS Lightroom Preset U03 Warm Winter: Before & After
  • ADARAS U03 Warm - Travel & Lifestyle Lightroom Preset: Before & After
  • ADARAS Flatlay Lightroom Preset U03: Before & After

ADARAS Universal Lightroom Presets Bundle – (U01, U02, U03 & U04 + Bonus Toolkit)

1,200 kr

This huge Lightroom presets bundle includes ALL my presets from my Universal Collection (U01, U02, U03, U04) + a bonus toolkit to help you speed up your workflow further.

Whether you’re just getting started with Lightroom or are a professional photographer, my presets are a sure way to speed up your editing and quickly find a style or look to add your own final touches to.

About this collection:

  • 100+ Lightroom Presets + Bonus Toolkit 
    U01, U02, U03, U04 and my well-organized toolkit for super quick editing and workflow.
  • Presets for all situations
    Travel, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, interior, weddings, landscape, food and drinks, documentary
  • Crisp presets/chrome and clean presets/summer presets/editorial presets
  • For Adobe Lightroom (desktop version)
    .lrtemplate och .xmp files
  • For RAW photos & JPEG
  • Direct download

As this is a digital product, all sales are final. No refunds. 

P.S I would love to see your edits! Please use the hashtag #ADARASPresets to share your work.

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Universal Lightroom Presets Bundle:

  • BONUS: ADARAS Toolkit
  • ADARAS U01 – Signature
    Perfect for travel, adventure & lifestyle photos. The collection inspired by my travels and include 20 presets with different color themes/Instagram themes inspired by colors from all around the world.
  • ADARAS U02 – Chrome
    16 Chrome & cinematic edits. Perfect for people, portraits, weddings, travel, and lifestyle.
  • ADARAS U03 – Editorial
    A collection with 34 presets created to speed up the workflow for influencers and lifestyle and travel bloggers.
  • ADARAS U04 – Tropical Ice
    A set with 19 presets to enhance green and blue tones in your photos.

How to use my Lightroom presets:

1. Adjust white balance and exposure.
2. Apply preset.
3. Adjust contrast, shadows and other settings if needed.


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