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A Guide to Lackryl - All-in-One Acrylic Nails Manicure at Home
Buff, paint, cure - DONE! Meet the world's best nail polish (if you ask me) and see how to get a perfect all-in-one manicure with Lackryl Acrylic Nail Polish.
Hair Tutorial: How to get a Khaleesi Hairstyle with braids - in 6 Simple Steps
Be the queen of great hair! In this Game of Throne inspired tutorial you can copy a gorgeous Khaleesi hairstyle with braids in just 6 simple steps.
How to create the perfect flatlay for instagram - Så fotar du flatlays!
Master flatlays as a pro! Here are eight tips about how to make a perfect #flatlay for your Instagram. From how to compose, edit, plan and shoot Instagram's most famous still life picture. If you follow me on Instagram, you will not have missed how much I love flatlays. I...

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ICL Surgery Guide & Review

ICL Surgery Guide: Review, Procedure & Side Effects

Perfect vision after a 20-minute procedure with an implantable contact lens? Discover all you need to know about ICL surgery in this ultimate guide.