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Tutorial: Khaleesi Hairstyle with Braids – in 6 Simple Steps

Tutorial: How to get a Khaleesi Hairstyle with braids - in 6 Simple Steps

Game of Thrones always makes me crave for gorgeous braids. There is no one but Khaleesi who continues to impress and always conquer new hairstyle like a queen.

Luckily, copying one of her hairstyles doesn't need to be so complicated or time-consuming (even though most seems to have been made for a wedding). Me? I like to keep it simple and easy. That is exactly what this pretty Khaleesi hairstyle with braids is.

If you have 10-15 minutes to spare, you can easily copy this braided look.

What you need

2 Small hair elastics
Bobby pins (if needed)
Flexibel hairspray


Hair Tutorial: How to get a Khaleesi Hairstyle with braids - in 6 Simple Steps

How to get this Khaleesi hairstyle in 6 steps

  1. Start by taking a small strand of hair where you want the first braid to begin. Divide it into three parts and make a regular braid. Tie it with a small elastics when you reach the back of your head. If you want to get a pretty french effect on the side – try adding in some extra hair from above when you do the braid.
  2. Repeat these steps and make another braid on the other side. Tie the braids together with the small elastics.
  3. Now, repeat this and make two other braids a little bit below the first.
  4. Tie the two braids together with an elastic.
  5. To the fun and important part: pancake (pull apart) your braids so they look bigger, fuller and messier.
  6. Hide the small elastic with a small strand of your hair. Or do it like me: use a small ring and attach it with a bobby pin.

Finish by adding some hair oil and spraying some flexible hairspray to make your hairstyle last longer (like this one).

Now we are done! With a cool cat on my shoulder, I almost feel like “The mother of Dragons” myself. I just wish my cat had wings.

Get the look

Haircolor and extensions: The best tips if you want some extra length is to use hair extensions. I use Rapunzel of Sweden's European Extensions 50 cm in the color 20″ Brown Ash Ombre #T3/14 and Medium Brown Ombre #T4/18.


Messy beach waves: I always sleep with at least one braid. It makes my extensions last longer and as I bonus I wake up with some natural waves. This also make me save a lot of time as I don't need to curl my hair so much if I want my beach waves.


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