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Graduation Dresses – The Ultimate Guide to Chic White Dresses 2017

The Ultimate Guide - 32 White Dresses for Graduation

In need of a white dress? Here are 32 super-chic graduation dresses for every budget. From lace and off the shoulder to bohemian and maxi dresses. Which style are you?

I can barely believe that it's nine years ago since I celebrated graduation with my fellow drama classmates in Umeå, in the north of Sweden. This year my little sister Elin is graduating. Time flies!

For Elin's and all you aspiring student's sake, I've put together a guide with my hand-picked favorite white graduation dresses. I hope that one of these dresses and styles can inspire you to find your dream dress.

I hope that one of these dresses and styles can inspire you.

Studenten - SMTE05 - Teaterstudenter i Umeå - Midgårdsskolan

Find your perfect white dress – The ultimate guide to chic graduation dresses

White Graduation Dresses - Vita studentklänningar i spets

Lace is always stylish and romantic. Invest in a lace dress to the graduation and then use it again and again, matching it with everything from over knees boots to a leather jacket.

White Lace Dresses

1. White Lace Dress from Carolina Cavour (→  cheaper dress alternative here)
2. Summer Dress from Morgan
3. Lace Button Dress från Boohoo
4. Bohemian Lace Dress from Navy London
5. Cocktail Dress from Swing (→ cheaper dress alternative here)
6. Lace Dress from For Love and Lemons (→ bcheaper dress alternative here)

White Graduation Dresses with long sleeves - Hitta din perfekta studentklänningCold shoulder or long sleeves? That is the question. Whether the reply, it is very very chic.

Sleeved & Could Shoulder Dresses

7. Fantasy Cold Shoulder Dress from Stevie May (→ cheaper dress here)
8. White Cocktail Dress from Carolina Cavour (→ cheaper dress here)
9. Lace Could Shoulder Dress from Missguided
10. Frill Sleeve Dress from River Island

White Bohemian Dresses - Vita boho-studentklänningar

Embrace your inner gypsy! Those adorable bohemian dresses are perfect for graduation. I want them all but are crushing most on number 11. Isn't it just gorgeous?

Bohemian Dresses for Graduation

11. Bohemian Lace Dress from NA-KD
12. Cold Shoulder Dress from Guess (→ cheaper dress here)
13. Summer Dress from Kooples (→ cheaper dress here)

White Short Graduation Dresses - Hitta din perfekta Studentklänning

Tight waist and a flared skirt. A skater dress is perfect for all occasions and is equally suitable for sneakers and boots as the heels.

White Skater Dresses

14. Mini Dress from By Malina (→ bcheaper dress alternative here)
15. White Dress from Superdry
16. Lace Prom Dress from NLY
17. Lace Cover Dress from NLY
18. Skater Dress from NLY

White Short Graduation Dresses - Hitta din perfekta Studentklänning

Show off your gorgeous legs with a shorter dress (or match it with over knees). I simply can't get enough of number 19 with the off shoulder and cute lace details. Isn't it adorable?

Short White Graduation Dresses

19. Off Shoulder Dress from Abercrombie & Fitch (→ cheaper dress here)
20. Bombshell Dress from Nelly
21. Chic White Dress from Molly Bracken
22. Off-White Dress from See You Soon (→ cheaper dress here)
23. White Dress from Vila
24. Cocktail Dress from Laona (→ cheaper white dress here)

White Graduation Dresses - Vita studentklänningar

These dresses are hand-picked for you guys that are looking for something elegant, simple and stylish that would look just as good on graduation as on any other occasion when you want to feel exclusive and chic.

Elegant White Dresses

25. Elegant Summer Dress from Bardot (→ cheaper dress here)
26. White Dress from Carolina Cavour (→ cheaper dress here)
27. DFlor Dress from Tiger of Sweden (→ cheaper dress here)
28. ESonata Dress from Cheap Monday

White Maxi Dresses - Vita långa studentklänningar

Beloved maxi dresses! If my graduation were this year, I would go for a bohemian dress or one of these maxi dresses. Doesn't number 30 look just like a princess's dream? With this dress, you can embrace windy weather, and hope that your dress will be fluttering nicely on your graduation photos.

White Maxi Dresses

29. Maxi Dress from Toby Heart Ginger
30. Cream White Maxi Dress from Laona (→ cheaper maxi dress here)
31. Maxi Dress from Samsoe-Samsoe (→ cheaper maxi dress here)
32. Mermaid Dress from NLY

Vita playsuits & jumpsuits till studenten (istället för en studentklänning)

White Jumpsuits & Playsuits

Don't want a dress for your graduation? Go for a white playsuit or a jumpsuit. It's both stylish, chic and comfortable.


1. White Playsuit from Miss Selfridge (→ cheaper white playsuits here)
2. White Lace Playsuit from Missguided
3. Jumpsuit from Ivy & Oak (→ cheaper alternative here)


Graduation shoes - Skor till studenten


13 Shoe Ideas for Graduation

As for shoes, go for shoes that you feel comfortable in and that you can wear for a long time. Wear shoes with a lower or thicker heel or comfy sneakers, converse or ballet pumps. The last thing you want to think about is feet that ache. If you still want to wear high heels pack a pair of foldable ballet flats in your handbag.

I especially think it's pretty to match a white graduation dress with shoes in beige, pink or white. But black is, of course, also (as always) a very chic color.


1. Sandals
2. Sandals in Dusty Pink
3. Wedge Sneakers
4. Black Lace Up Heels
5. Beige Ballet Pumps
6. Adidas Superstar
7. Light Pink Ballet Pumps
8. Black Lost Ink Heels
9. Black Slip-ins
10. White Ballet Pumps
11. Nude Heels
12. Black Ballet Pumps
13. Adidas Originals