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16 Most Anticipated Movies 2017

Most Anticipated Movies of 2017 - King Arthur Legend of The Sword Flatlay

From the mighty Kong, uncharted “paradises” and scary dolls to lovely sea voyages, the end of the world and a King's journey. Here is our list with the most anticipated movies 2017.

First of all, this list is far from completed. As there are movies being released each day it can be hard to keep track of what to see. But these are the movies that we are looking forward to the most.

16. Kong: Skull Island

Release date: 10 March

Haven't I seen this already in 2005? It looks great but somewhat familiar. Will we see him climbing the Empire State building once more?

15. Boss Baby

Release date: 7 April

After watching Baby Boss, I just know I will leave the cinema with a smile. It looks super hilarious!

14. Fifty Shades Darker

Release date: 10 February 

Oh my, I guess my girlfriend is looking forward to this movie more than me. So I suppose I have to go and see it.

13. Spiderman: Homecoming

Release date: 7 July

Finally, he is back, And now he is joining the Avengers. But sadly, it's still not Tobey or that other guy. Third time's a charm.

12. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Release date: 3 February 

Good movies and games. But I'm still hoping we'll see less of the super mutated monsters and more of the brain-dead zombies.

11. Annabelle 2

Release date: 9 August

I couldn't watch the first one without my pillow, and I guess the same will go for this one. Even though, I'm looking forward seeing what Annabelle is up to this time.

10. Wonder Woman

Release date: 2 June

Finally a movie with a female superhero in the lead! I just hope she doesn't destroy so many buildings … as some other guys did.

9. The Great Wall

Release date: 17 February

This movie is right up my alley, or should I say right up my wall?

8. Thor: Ragnarok

Release date: 3 November

In the absence of a “real” trailer, I give you this. Thor as the average guy. But seriously, I can't wait for this one.

7. Transformers: The Last Knight

Release date: 24 June

Always exciting seeing big robots adapting to a healthy life on earth. JUST DO IT already. Since I'm a sucker for special effects, I knew this would be something for me.

6. Rings

Release date: 3 February 

Probably one of my greatest fears. Young girls in with dresses and black hair covering their faces. Tamara and I have one of those love-hate relationships.

5. Logan

Release date: 2 March

Wolverine is by far my favorite X-Men. And I love all his side stories so I can't wait to watch this movie. Since this is Jackman's last time as Logan, we have been promised a grand final. Looking forward to it!

4. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Release date: 24 May

The Pirates keep delivering. A new PotC movie is something I'm always looking forward to. And let me be honest, the trailer had me at “Jack Sparrow.”

3. Ghost in the Shell

Release date: 31 March

About ten years ago I read the manga the movie is based on and loved it. So I have high expectations for this one. No pressure, right?

2. Alien: Covenant

Release date: 19 May

Once again humans manage to stumble upon an “uncharted paradise”. The Alien movies are something I must see at least once a year. I just know the same will go for this one.

1. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Release date: 12 May

Finally a classic King Arthur movie we all can look forward to! And just by watching this trailer, might I just say OMFG! This is one of those films I can watch for the next ten years and still be as excited as the first time. Everything about this movie looks awesome!

And don't worry, I haven't forgotten a specific movie that is supposed to be released December 15th! I just couldn't find a trailer, because someone in the production team decided that it would be more exciting for the fans if the trailer is released closer to the movie premiere. But here it is:

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Release date: 15 December

After 40 years, will we finally be able to witness the end of the Empire? I sure hope not! Because wouldn't it be nice to continue the Star Wars saga in year 2057!

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Most Anticipated Movies of 2017 - Mest Efterlängtade Filmerna 2017