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The Best 31 Yellow Dresses to Wear This Summer

The Best 31 Yellow Dresses to Wear This Summer

  • The article contains affiliate links

  • To make a bright statement, look no further. Here are our favorite sunny yellow dresses to wear this summer! 

    I love that yellow is a big color trend for spring/summer 2020 because it makes it so easy to find fabulous yellow clothes online. Just like everyone needs a black dress in their wardrobe, I think a yellow dress is equally important.

    Yellow is a bright, happy, and fresh shade that can instantly boost your mood and let you be a ray of sunshine.

    Not to mention, fearless. Wearing yellow is a statement.

    From mellow yellow to citrus brights, treat this color as a neutral and mix it with white, beige, black, and denim for a wearable look with impact. 

    We've listed some of the most affordable and stylish sunny dresses to be seen in this summer – for different styles and body types.

    Outfit with yellow dress in sunflower field in Slavonia, Croatia
    THROWBACK | Wearing a yellow dress from Vero Moda styled with yellow sunglasses in a sunflower field in Slavonia in Croatia. Find a similar dress here!


    Pleat, puff sleeves, a beach-friendly wrap dress, or a yellow dress with decorative florals? Check out these noteworthy midi dresses that will make you summer-ready in no time.

    Pale Yellow Midi Dresses

    1. Yellow pleated batwing midi dress, Asos
    2. Lace top tulle midi dress, Asos 
    3. Pleated dobby midi dress, Asos

    Yellow Midi Dresses for 2020

    4. Puff sleeve midi dress, Asos
    5. Pleated floral cami dress, Shein
    6. Off-shoulder top midi skater dress, Virgos Lounge

    Yellow Midi Dresses

    7. Rhonda textured yellow midi dress, Anthropologie
    8. Sparrow silky midi dress, Anthropologie
    9. Blouson sleeve midi dress in organza, Asos

    You had me at yellow
    Outfit with floral yellow dress from Ajlajk in Trosa, Sweden
    THROWBACK | Wearing a yellow floral dress from Ajlajk in Trosa, Sweden. 
    Outfit with yellow floral dress from Ajlajk and pearl bag outside Dramaten in Stockholm, Sweden
    THROWBACK | Wearing a pale yellow floral dress from Ajlajk outside The Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm.


    Girl, get ready to twirl! These maxi yellow dresses are highly Instagram-friendly with their twirling-possibilities and fabulous yellow tones, which can give your feed a pretty pop of color.

    Even if you are just dressing up at home or in your backyard, these sunny-colored dresses are instant mood boosters.

    Yellow Maxi Dresses

    10. Benedetta maxi dress, Mes Demoiselles
    11. Luisa floral dress, Ghost
    12. Eivissa maxi dress with a drawstring waist, Asos

    Yellow maxi dresses

    13. Margot Georgette maxi dress, Ghost
    14. Ruffle maxi cami dress, Forever Unique 
    15. Dark yellow crêped maxi dress, H&M

    Yellow Maxi Dresses for Summer 2020

    16. Bridesmaid sequin Bardot maxi dress in lemon, Maya
    17. Swiss dot layered ruffle dress, Shein
    18. Long chiffon dress, Shein


    Mini length styles are making a return this year, and there are endless yellow choices. From romantic ruffles, retro polka dots and lovely lace. These bright yellow dresses will have you walking on sunshine. 

    If you dare, wear the daring number 23 which gives you a true statement look and as a bonus is made from luxury fabric scraps to reduce waste.

    Yellow mini dresses fro 2020

    19. Belted lace yellow mini dress, Little Mistress
    20. Floral puff shoulder skater dress, Boohoo
    21. Polka dot ruffle dress, Boohoo

    Mini yellow dresses for summer 2020

    22. Linen mini sundress with a belt, Asos
    23. Mini ruffle dress, Avavav
    24. Mustard floral pleated plunge dress, Boohoo

    “More sunshine.
    More lemons.
    More sunsets.
    More bananas.
    More sunflowers.
    More yellow.
    More happiness.”
    Adaras in Binh Quoi Tourist Village,in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    THROWBACK | Yellow dress outfit in Binh Quoi Tourist Village in Ho Chi Minh CityVietnam


    Show off your curves with one of these flattering plus size alternatives. 

    Yellow Plus Size Dresses for Spring/Summer 2020

    25. Bardot bubble sleeve strappy midi dress, Asos
    26. Polka dot ruffle wrap midi dress, Boohoo
    27. Curve wrap maxi dress, Asos

    Yellow Plus Size Dresses for Summer 2020

    28. Asymmetric cold shoulder mini dress, Club L
    29. Embroidered cotton dress, H&M 
    30. Blouson linear embellished midi dress, Asos
    31. Curve v front mini dress, Asos

    How to Style a Yellow Dress?

    Let the sunny dress steal all the limelight and style with accessories and shoes in neutral colors.

    You can't go wrong with white sneakers, brown leather sandals, black heels, and a neutral bag. Or for an even sunnier disposition, style with more yellow and wear yellow sunglasses and yellow nails polish.

    How to Style a Yellow Dress

    1. Cayne Crescent plated pendant necklace, Gorjana 
    2. Dalmatian print ruffle smock dress, Shein  
    3. Transparent round yellow retro sunglasses, WearMe Pro
    4. The softshot 21 cross body bag, Marc Jacobs
    5. PR53SS sunglasses, Prada
    6. Distressed denim jacket, Blankdnk
    7. Circular rattan crossbody bag, Asos
    8. Natural straw floppy hat, Asos
    9. Air Force sage, Nike
    10. Nail polish ‘Don't Tell a Sol', OPI
    11. Daisy EdT spray, Marc Jacobs
    12. Issy sandal, Steve Madden

    Which dress is your favorite?

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