25 Things to Do in Slavonia, Croatia

Best Things to Do in Slavonia, Croatia

Discover Croatia's most eastern region with endless vineyards and sunflower fields, homely restaurants, beautiful decay, picturesque villages, and lots of authentic feels.

If you want to experience something else than the dazzling Dalmatian coast or the charming capital Zagreb, pack your bags and explore Slavonia! This beautiful region is a pleasure to explore when you want to travel off the beaten path.

This is a vacay to talk about. Slavonia is a land of legends and myths that fiercely uphold their traditions, folklore, harvest festivals, and customs. In many places, it will feel like you've traveled back in time, while other places feel like a world away.

Slavonia is situated between the three rivers Drava, Sava, and Danube and has a lot to offer any curious tourist. This is where you find some of the best wine in Croatia, one of the oldest towns in Europe – as well as one of the most significant archaeological sites. Add bird-watching, horseback riding, and ethnic village-exploring to your itinerary and it's a holiday like no other.

The Quick Guide to Slavonia

Best Things To Do in Slavonia & Baranja, Croatia

1. Explore Osijek

The Co-Cathedral St Peter and Paul in Osijek
In front of the Co-Cathedral St Peter and Paul in Osijek

A great starting point for a holiday in Slavonia is Osijek. It is the largest city in Slavonia, picturesquely positioned by the Drava river. Osijek is only about 2,5 hours drive from Zagreb but is so different as there is no tourist in sight.

And that's why it's fun exploring! Check out the fortified center, the pretty art nouveau and baroque buildings, as well as the beautiful Co-Cathedral St. Peter and Paul. Relax on Copacabana beach (if the weather is fancy), try the local beer Osječko and take a walk along the river promenade.

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Street in Osijek, Slavonia, Croatia

2. Relax at Principovac Country Estate

Principovac Country Estate, Ilok, Croatia

One of the places I loved visiting most in Slavonia was Principovac Country Estate. It didn't even matter that it was the only rainy day in ages here, the views from Principovac are so romantic. The estate is located on a hilltop so there are vineyards as far as the eye can see.

Although this is a 4-star resort with a golf course (among other things), this is also a great place to visit for just a glass of wine, a meal with a view or an arranged picknick.

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Principovac Country Estate | Wine tasting in Slavonia
Views worth cheering for at Ladanjsko Imanje Principovac

3. Enjoy the Croatian countryside on horseback

Horseback riding at Konjički Klub Eohippus | Things to Do in Slavonia, Croatia

If you love horses, this is a must do in Slavonia! Horseback riding in the Croatian countryside with its surrounding idyllic vineyards and sunflower fields feels like a fairytale. There are many horse centers and riding schools no matter your skill level.

We visited Konjički Klub Eohippus, which is located on the outskirts of Vinkovci. They have six super cute horses and the friendliest staff. I had so much fun at this place and wish I could have stayed longer (my group had to drag me away as I was the last one to leave).

In Slavonia, you can also find the closest thing to real-life unicorns, Lipizzaner horses.

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Konjički Klub Eohippus Horse | Things to do in Slavonia, Croatia
How cute?

4. Tour the medieval town Ilok

Castle Odescalchi-Museum of Ilok
Odescalchi Castle and fortress in Ilok

Ilok is Croatia's most eastern town, and it is probably one of the most beautiful places in Slavonia. This small medieval town lies on a hill, raised above the Danube river. It's surrounded by greenery and offers an amazing view all across the way to Serbia.

Explore the medieval fortifications, Odescalchi Castle, the old wine cellars and the beautiful church and Monastery of St. John of Capistrano.

The centre of gravity of Ilok graveyard
Can you spot the graveyards embedded in Ilok's greenery?

5. Đakovo Embroidery Festival

Đakovo Embroidery Festival, Slavonia

If you are visiting Slavonia in July, don't miss Đakovo Embroidery Festival. It's a spectacular parade that shows the folklore of Slavonia, Baranja and Syrmii. There are around seventy different folklore groups participating in the festival, with each group having a different costume and embroidery.

The parade with all of its thousands of participants passes through the town streets like a moving exhibit of colors, dancing, and singing. It's really beautiful!

6. Dakovo Cathedral