11 Of The Hottest Phone Cases from Ideal of Sweden This Fall

Deep moss green and luxurious golden marble or a wine red velvet clutch? Ideal of Sweden really knows how to make the hottest and trendiest phone cases. Here are some of the most fashionable cases you can get your hands on this fall!

A/W18 at Ideal of Sweden means a lot of luxurious, classic and innovative designs. There are so many gorgeous cases to choose from that just choosing can become somewhat tricky.

If you have decision-making anxiety like me, it can seem impossible. That's why I didn't settle only with only one, but with three different cases this season. Hey, these beauties are a fashion accessory that gives any outfit that extra edge.

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Flatlay: Mayfair Clutch Velvet Red - Beautiful iPhone Case from Ideal of Sweden
A red velvet clutch for me and my iPhone X

The Hottest Phone Cases this Fall | Golden Jade Marmor from Ideal of Sweden
Golden Jade Marble is definitely one of the prettiest phone cases you can get your hands on this fall!

Flatlay: Golden Jade Marble from iDeal of Sweden | The Hottest Phone Cases this Fall

Top List: My 3 Favorites from Ideal of Sweden

The Hottest Phone Cases from Ideal of Sweden 2018

If I “only” had to use three cases from Ideal of Sweden this fall and winter this lovely trio would be my choice. A luxurious jade-colored marble case with golden details that glitter in the sunlight, a sepia-colored tropical forest case, and a red velvet clutch.

1. Golden Jade Marble
2. Autumn Forest
3. Mayfair Clutch Velvet Red


Ideal of Sweden Autumn Forest iPhone Case A/W18
Autumn Forest matches perfectly with cozy knitted sweaters and wine-colored nail polishes

More Trendy Phone Cases from Ideal of Sweden

Gorgeous iPhone Cases from Ideal of Sweden

Marble, baroque ornament, butterfly-inspired pattern or this seasons surprise: a pastel paisley case! Which case is your favorite?

4. Outer Space Agate
5. Mayfair Clutch Velvet Green
6. Baroque Ornament
7. Antique Roses
8. Fly Away With Me
9. Scarlet Red Marble
10. Port Laurent Marble
11. Romantic Paisley

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Fashionable Phone Chargers

Fashion QI Chargers from Ideal of Sweden

As an added bonus, I also have to tip you about Ideal of Sweden's gorgeous QI Chargers and matching power banks and lightning cables.

Who would have thought that boring chargers could look so good!?

Gorgeous Power Bank and Lightning cable from Ideal of Sweden
I wish my power bank and chargers looked this photogenic

Click here for more phone cases!

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