ADARAS Blogazine test: Electrosurf - Elektriska surfbrädor

Surf without wind and waves on an electric jetboard! With Electrosurf you can cruise over water with speed up to 40 kph.

In collaboration with the adventurous activity and experiences company Live it, Simon and I have tried out this summer’s hottest – or should we say coolest? – Summer activity. Electrosurf.

It’s a surfboard with a battery-powered jet engine that allows you to surf on still water. If you are not already convinced to try this exciting activity, check out our seven best reasons to test Electrosurf NOW!

1Be one of the first to try Electrosurf

Electrosurf - Eldriven surfbräda

2Surf without wind and waves

Electrosurf - Eldriven surfbräda

3Suitable for beginners and professional surfers

ADARAS test: Electrosurf in Stockholm

4Surf up to 40 kph

Liveit - Electrosurf Electric Surfboards

5Get an adrenaline rush

Electrosurf - Eldriven surfbräda

6Surf in any weather

Electrosurf - Eldriven surfbräda

7Electrosurf is so much fun!

Liveit Electrosurf - Electric Surfboard
Electrosurf in Stockholm
On top of it all, the guides from Electrosurf could not be any kinder or nicer

Practical information about Electrosurf

  • Places: Stockholm & Gothenburg
    Age: You have to be at least 18 years old (or at least 15 years old with the company of a guardian).
    Bring: Swimwear and towel. You can borrow wetsuits on site. All necessary equipment is included.
    Availability: June – September
    Duration: 60 minutes, of which about 40-45 minutes are on the board
    Keep in mind: The experience can be canceled at short notice in the event of a thunderstorm – but is not sensitive to rain.
    Price: 745 SEK

Want to know more or book your surfing experience?
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