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32 Statement Bags You Will Absolutely Love

Make your outfit pop and stand out with these incredible statement bags and purses. We have put together some of our favorites that instantly will make every style more personal.

From a cute bear-shaped backpack to a tough biker jacket shaped shoulder bag. If you are looking for some extraordinary statement bags or purses you will without a doubt find at least one that suits your personality and clothing.

Animal Cuteness

Collage with cute animal statement bags

Why would you have a pet when you can have an alpaca hanging off your shoulder or let a cat take care of your money?

1. Cat Purse – Shein
2. Bear Backpack – Moschino
3. Bulldog Handbag – Kate Spade New York
4. Cat Backpack – Shein
5. Alpaca Shoulder Bag – Kate Spade New York

Fashion Overload

Collage with fashionable statement bags

Chanel bags and Gucci purses feel far away when you can stand out with a shoe around your wrist or a postcard from Karl.

1. Postcard Clutch Bag  – Karl Lagerfeld
2. Biker Jacket Shoulder Bag – Moschino
3. Photographer Clutch Bag – Karl Lagerfeld
4. Lips Clutch Bag – Lulu Guinness
5. High-Heel Handbag – Moschino

Juicy Fruity 

Collage with fruit shaped statement bags

Let’s go bananas with these natural sweet bags and purses. As they say: everything's better with a cherry on top (even though we think it looks like an apple).

1. Lemon Shoulder Bag – Diamante
2. Banana Print Tote – Vero Moda
3. Cherry Coin Purse – Kate Spade New York
4. Watermelon Coin Purse – Boohoo
5. Pink Grapefruit Clutch – South Beach
6. Ananas Shoulder Bag – Aldo

Epic Cartoon

Collage with cool cartoon statement bags

The bags for you who want to stand out in a different dimension or get more POW! in your everyday life.

1. Radio Cross Body Bag – Shein
2. Cartoon Crossbody Bag – Romwe
3. 2D Backpack – Jump From Paper
4. Cartoon Print Handbag – Anya Hindmarch
5. Phone Cross Body Bag – Shein

Sweet Treat Statement Bags

Collage with sweet statement bags

Who wants to have an ordinary bag when you can put your stuff into an always freshly baked cake? Or why not a milkshake?

1. Cherry Cake Handbag – Kate Spade New York
2. Wedding Cake Handbag – Kate Spade New York
3. Ice Cream Crossbody bag – Romwe
4. Cupcake Crossbody Bag – Shein
5. Milkshake Crossbody Bag – Shein
6. Cake Coin Purse – Kate Spade New York

Totally Awesome Statement Bags

Collage with awesome statement bags

Have you ever thought a bag could have the shape a spray can, cactus, or pill bottle? We neither. Until now.

1. Taco Truck Clutch/Shoulder Bag – Kate Spade New York
2. Spray Paint Crossbody Bag – Moschino
3. Shop Shoulder Bag – Moschino
4. Cactus Handbag – Kate Spade New York
5. Pill Bottle Shoulder Bag – Moschino

Which bags suits you?