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11 Easy Nail Ideas for Summer

From enchanting blue to tropical turquoise and yummy yellow. What nail polish color are you crushing on this summer? Here is a quick guide to simple manicures and nail designs that you can match to the heat.

I have used L.Y.X Cosmetics water-based nail polish Lacqua, the acrylic lacquer Lackryl, and the Chrome Powder Lachrome. But you can, of course, use what you have at home.

This guide is for inspiration and in the hope that you should dare put some more color on your summer nails.

1#Fiesty – Party pink nails

2#SunGlasses – Sunny yellow nails

3#HighHeals – Sparkling blue nails

4#SkyFling – Tropical turquoise nails

5#JustTell – Hot purple nails

6#Flowerista – Strawberry red nails

7#CapriCorne & #Maggz – Easy mix of two shades

8#MatteTipTop – Matte ombre nails

9#OhMama – Easy Glitter Ombre

10#Longing – Shining blue nails

11#FullBloom – Enchanting purple nails

Which of these nail ideas are your favorite for summer? 🙂