The Cosy Christmas Edit

Adaras - Hunkemöller Cosy Collection

The coziest month of the year is here! Even if I can hardly believe it's December already, it is easy to get into the Christmas spirit with just Christmas music, light strands and, hot chocolate.

What makes the month even cozier is, of course, comfortable clothes (Preferably cute clothes that put a smile on your lips). Clothes that are perfect for chilly wintry nights, chill in front of Netflix and long Christmas mornings.

As inspiration, my sister Sanna and I have made this “Cozy Christmas Edit”, mostly with help from Hunkemöller's wonderful “Cosy Collection“. It is all about fluffy sweaters, soft slippers, warm onesies, cute animal prints and hoods with ears.

The whole collection is just sooo me!

Oh, Deer! Christmas is Here

Oh deer - Cosy Christmas Outfits in Bed - Hunkemöller Cosy Collection 2017

Ida: Reindeer fleece cardigown | White knee socks | Koala jersey | Checked twill shorts
Sanna: Reindeer fleece onesieCoffee mug
Home decor: Grey bed linenFluffy plaid | Star light | Reindeer cushion | Yes-lamp 

Sister, coffee, and cat in bed? Check! My absolute favorite piece from Hunkemöller's Cozy Collection is this Reindeer fleece cardigown with hood. It's just too cute!

When it comes to decorating your home for Christmas, you don't need a Christmas tree to make it perfect. Sanna and I decorated my cactus plant with ornaments. We also decorated my room with fluffy blankets (love this!), pillows and light strands.

Oh deer - Cosy Christmas Outfits in Bed - Hunkemöller Cosy Collection 2017

Yes Neon Sign from Lagerhaus

Hunkemöller Reindeer Fleece & Cat in Santa Clause CostumeChristmas Cat with Santa Claus Clothes

The Perfect Way to Start the Day
Cosy Christmas Outfits with Ears & Hot Chocolate

Sanna: Grey onesie
Ida: Fleece bathrobe with ears
Details: Cups | Nail polish

Put on a fleece bathrobe or cute onesie to stay warm after a hot bath. Combine with warm slippers and a hot cup of chocolate and your morning awesomeness is guaranteed.

Hot Chocolate & Grey Lackryl Nails

Cute & Cosy Bathrobe with Ears & Hot Chocolate

How cute isn't this bathrobe? I could live in this.

Onesie with Ears from Hunkemöller - Sanna Eriksson

Yes, The Countdown has Begun
Cosy Christmas - Sisters Outfit - Hunkemöller Cosy Collection

Sanna: Pyjama topReindeer eye mask | Socks | Checked twill shorts
Ida: Lace-up Sweater | Checked twill shorts | White socks
Detaljer: Advent calendar | Cat costume from Dollarstore (hehe) | Star light | Reindeer cushion | Koala eye mask

I love the countdown to Christmas! One of my countdown traditions is spoiling myself with an advent calendar, so I have something to look forward to each until Christmas.

But even if you don't have an advent calendar, the important thing is to remember to take care of yourself in December. Be it with a facial maks and home spa feelings or with morning workouts. Just “take care of your selfie.”

Christmas Cat with Santa Claus Clothes

Which outfit do you like most? 🙂

Ida Josefin Eriksson
Ida Josefin Eriksson is an award-winning blogger and photographer from the north of Sweden. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, she started her own business to pursue her dreams and become a world traveler and digital nomad.

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