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Festive Christmas Nail Art Ideas - Matte Candy Cane Nails

Here are 16 fun Christmas nail art ideas to get you in the holiday mood. From matte candy cane nails to cute designs with reindeers, snowflakes, Christmas trees, Santa, and fireworks.

In collaboration with L.Y.X Cosmetics and their wonderful nail polishes, I’ve put together both very easy nail art ideas and more festive designs.

I hope you’ll get inspired!

1Cute Gingerbread & Reindeer Christmas Nails

Lacqua Feather Boa | Lacqua Sweet Tooth | Lacqua French White

With a brown and white nail polish, you can make this cute nail design. Use a small brush to paint the reindeer and apply a sparkling nail polish to make the reindeer’s scarf pop.

2Green & Gold Christmas Nails

Lacqua Forest Hug | Lacqua Fairy Dust | Lachrome Green

Use striping tape to make simple Christmas trees like this. Decorate with star-shaped rhinestones.

3Red Lachrome Christmas Nails

Lachrome Red

Update your classic red Christmas nails with shining Lachrome! Decorate with gold striping tape. If you make a small bow with the striping tape it will look even cuter (see example further down in this post).

4Easy Reindeer Christmas Nail Art Idea

Lacqua Cinnamon | Lacqua French White | Lacqua Fairy Dust

This might be the easiest way to make a cute Rudolph inspired nail design. Attach a red rhinestone as the nose to pump up the festive feel.

5Matte Candy Cane Nail Art

Lackryl Eternal | Lackryl French White | Lackryl Matte Tip Top

Doesn’t these candy cane nails look sweet enough to eat? I’ve used one of my favorite nail polishes, Lackryl Eternal with Lackryl French White. I’ve decorated the nails with red striping tape and rhinestones – and sealed everything with a matte top coat.

6Firework Nails X New Year’s Eve

Lacqua Midnight | Lacqua Fairy Dust | Lacqua Feisty | Lacqua Arctic | Lacqua French White

On New Year’s Eve, I often go for black and sparkling nails. Use a thin brush a and draw lines around a small circle. Repeat with more colors for a colorful fireworks design.

7Holly Christmas Nails

Lacqua Forest Hug | Lacqua Nude Dude

This is such a holly jolly and easy nail art idea. Decorate with red rhinestones or use a dotting tool and red nail polish.

8Easy Frosty Snowman Nail Art For Christmas

Lacqua Treasure | Lacqua French White | Lacqua Snowflake

With a blue, white and black nail polish, you can create this cute snowman nail design. I painted the scarf with a colorful lacquer and applied an orange rhinestone as the nose.

9Cute Christmas Nails with Present Tie

Lacqua Mojito | Lachrome Blue | Lacqua French White

Making a bow of striping tape is probably the most tricky thing in this post. But it sure is pretty and worth the time! To match the turquoise striping tape, I applied Lachrome Blue over Lacqua Mojito.

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10Blue & White Ombre Nails with Snowflakes

Lacqua Treasure | Lacqua Snowflake | Lacqua French White

Gradient nails is always a good idea. Use a small brush to paint the snowflakes.

11Classic Christmas Nail Art Idea

Lacqua Sea Breath | Lacqua Scarlet | Lacqua Fairy Dust

A whimsical and jolly manicure in the classic Christmas colors red, green and white. Decorate only one nail in your manicure or let each nail be festive and unique.

The Easiest Christmas Nail Art Idea

Lacqua Boho Chic - The Easiest Christmas Nail Art Idea with Red Heart

Lacqua Boho Chic

Gray is not a typical Christmas color but with a little red heart painted on one nail the manicure instantly feels more fit for the Holiday season.

12Christmas Gold & String Lights Mani

Lachrome Gold

After you’re done decorating the tree, string lights on your nails with colorful rhinestones. Or, use a dotting tool and different colored nail polishes.

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13Sparkling New Years Eve Nails in Pink & Purple

Lacqua Dazzle | Lacqua Prima Donna | Lacqua Fall in Line

More is more. As New Year’s Eve is approaching, you have the perfect opportunity to go all in. I used the super sparkling pink nail polish Dazzle over different purple polishes.

14Christmas Sweater Nails

Lacqua Sweet Tooth

Search for “Christmas sweater nails” on Google, and you’ll get a lot of inspiration for this cute nail art idea.

15Matte Black & Gold New Years Eve Nail Art

Lackryl Dark Onyx | Lachrome Gold | Lackryl Matte Tip Top

Matte black nails with a touch of gold. This nail design is so simple and elegant. Use striping tape to make the lines straight.

Which Christmas Nail Art Ideas do you like the most? 🙂