ADARAS Guide: 12 Unexpected Things To Do in Paris

Get off-the-beaten-track and discover 12 unexpected things to do in Paris. From hidden hotspots to amazing street art and 28-hour parties. Let the French capital surprise you.

Adaras Quick Paris Guide

So you have already visited the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Louvre, The Sacré Coeur, Champs Elysées and the other must-sees in Paris.

What next?

In this alternative guide to Paris, we avoid the tourist trail and discover a different side of the city.

The cool, hip, festive and edgy side.

ADARAS Travel Guide: 12 Unexpected Things To Do in Paris


1Explore Paris with a Retro Tour

Exploring Paris with Retro Tour Sidecars
Sightseeing in Paris with Retro Tour
This is one of the best unusual highlights in Paris if Nadialine and I can choose

Climb into an authentic vintage sidecar and explore Paris in a unique and quirky way with a Retro Tour. Whether you are traveling solo, as a couple or with your friends, this is a great adventure for all.

Apart from the swooshing feeling of exploring, the best thing is that you get a “Gentleman Sider” (a driver). The Gentlemen Siders are real Parisians in love with their city and who will make you discover the capital in a new light.

Address: Place de la Concorde

2Visit Art Ludique le Musée

Outside Art Ludique le Musée in Paris
  • Paris, The Art of DC: The Dawn of Superheroes at Art Ludique le Musée

    15 000 people file past Mona Lisa in the Louvre every day. A much less crowded museum is Art Ludique le Musée. If you are into comic books, manga, animated films and video games, this is a must to visit. The museum holds several temporary exhibitions each year and is, with its innovative approach a place where it’s fun to get extra nerdy.

    Until September 10 you can step inside The Art of DC: The Dawn of Superheroes, which is a must for all DC-lovers. Here you can admire everything from authentic costumes and props, see original historical pages, the design process, and learn everything you need to know about the DC universe.

    Address: 34 Quai d’Austerlitz Paris (13th)
    Closest metro station:
     Gare D-Austerlitz or Quai De La Gare

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    3Check out Street Art

    Colorful Street Art in Paris - 13th arrondissement
  • "Let's meet by the Cat" - Street Art in ParisStreet Art in Paris - 13th arrondissement

    Did you know that you can spot really cool street art in Paris? Head over to the 13th arrondissement and take a street art stroll. You will spot street art pieces here and there, but what is spectacular about this district are the 25 large and beautiful mural paintings.

    The building with the cute cat has even become a popular meeting place. When the Parisians say “Let’s meet by the cat,” this is the place to be.

    Metro: Place d’Italie

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    4Attend an Event

    The City of Paris's Summer Culinary Event Heures Heureuses
    The culinary event “Heures Heureuses” offers friendly tastings in the summer at more than 300 local shops and restaurants in Paris

    Paris hosts an extraordinary number of 300 events per day – many of which are free or quite cheap to attend. While some events are well-known, like the Fête de la Musique (Music Day), the Nuit des Musées (Museums at Night), Heritage Days, Comic Con and Nuit Blanche, you can also find a lot of off-radar events and free events with some last minute-research.

    5Visit Ateliers De Paris

    Les Ateliers De Paris
  • Beautiful floral creations by William Amor at Plateau, Paris

    Not far from the bustling Bastille, is Ateliers de Paris. It is a house dedicated to crafts, fashion, and design and has, for the past ten years supported emerging designers.

    The ground floor has been converted into a gallery with six free exhibitions per year, highlighting emerging designers and artists’ works. Who knows, maybe this is where you spot tomorrow’s Chanel and Louis Vuitton?

    Address: 30 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Antoine (12th)

    6Admire Futuristic Buildings

    Futuristic Building in Paris
    Spotted near Art Ludique le Musée
    Cité de la Mode et du Design by night
    Cité de la Mode et du Design by Night is immediately recognized with its green and space like exterior

    As a contrast to Paris elegant and romantic buildings, head to the 12th and 13th arrondissement. This is where you find the Cité de la Mode et du Design, with its ultra-contemporary architecture. It is an utterly spectacular building by night when the bright green color lights up the Parisian sky.