The Most Instagrammable Places in Cornwall, UK

With a glorious coastline, miles of sandy beaches, tropical gardens, castle ruins, and pretty seaside villages, it's easy to find Instagrammable places in Cornwall – wherever you look. To narrow it down, I’ve listed some of the most beautiful spots to photograph! 

Thanks to its mild and sunny weather in South West England, the county of Cornwall offers something totally different in Britain. 

It proudly presents everything from over 400 beaches and swaying palm trees to the legendary Tintagel Castle, picturesque fishing villages, rugged moorland, magical woodlands, and coves. 

In short, it's a photographer's paradise.

So charge your camera batteries and get ready to explore. 
This is a ridiculously photogenic destination!


The Lost Gardens of Heligan 
– Enchanting gardens in Cornwall

Burma Rope Bridge in The Lost Gardens of Heligan | Most Instagrammable Places in Cornwall, UK
Won't you follow me into the jungle ??? | The Burma Rope Bridge in The Lost Gardens of Heligan.

History, mystery, and romance! One of the best things to do in Cornwall is exploring The Lost Gardens of Heligan. This famous botanical garden is a breathtaking escape to nature – with endless photo opportunities. 

It's hard to imagine that the Heligan's impressive historic gardens were lost and forgotten for decades. After the First World War, the gardens were hidden beneath a dense undergrowth of brambles and ivy. 

Luckily, The Lost Gardens of Heligan was rediscovered about 30 years ago by Tim Smith, the man behind the famous Eden Project. It became Europe's largest garden restoration and is, today, back to its former glory. 

Most fascinating when exploring Heligan's gardens and estate is the Jungle experience, where you can find the remarkable Burma Rope Bridge (not to be missed for impressive Instagram shots), exotic plants, gigantic rhubarbs, banana plantations, bamboo tunnels, and palm trees.  

For something totally different, walk along the Woodland Walk to discover the wonderful sculptures Mud Maid, The Giant's Head, and Grey Lady. This is like a forest fantasy world! 

Head to the Productive Gardens for photo-friendly greenhouses, colorful flowers, apple arches, a melon yard, and vegetable gardens.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan | Most Instagrammable Places in Cornwall, UK
Cornwall is one of the few places in Britain where subtropical and Mediterranean plants do well in the open air.

Mud Maid Sculpture, The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall, UK
A stroll past the beautiful Mud Maid sculpture in The Lost Gardens of Heligan.

Red Telephone Booth in the Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall
In case you need to be reminded of where you actually are.

Portrait with Flower Wall | Lost Gardens of Heligan
Heligan's beautiful florals are perfect for portrait backdrops.

Greenhouse in The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall, UK
A lovely greenhouse in The Lost Gardens of Heligan.

The Jungle at Lost Gardens of Heligan | Most Instagrammable Places in Cornwall, England, UK
How dreamy? I loved strolling around Britain's own jungle.

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Moomaid of Zennor
– Legendary Cornish ice cream in St. Ives

Moomaid of Zennor - Instagrammable Cornish Ice Cream, Cornwall, St Ives
Game of Cones ?? at Moomaid of Zennor in St. Ives

The best (and most Instagrammable) ice cream in Cornwall is probably found at Moomaid of Zennor. This cute ice cream parlor in St. Ives is known for its luxury and legendary Cornish farmhouse ice cream. 

Choose between 35 different flavors, pretty cones, and lots of add-ons. Also, the taste is AMAZING! I could probably travel here just for a scoop of the bestseller flavor, “Shipwreck.”

Worth mentioning is that the shop is located by the harbor, so you only need to step outside to get a beautiful background to your ice cream shot. 

St Michael's Mount
– Cornwall's most iconic landmark

St. Michael's Mount | The Most Instagrammable Places in Cornwall, England, UK
On my way to the Castle On The Hill ???| St Michael's Mount is Cornwall’s most iconic landmark.

One of the best attractions and most Instagrammable places in Cornwall is St Michael's Mount

It’s a tidal island in Mount's Bay, crowned by a medieval castle and church. During mid and low tide, you can reach St. Michael's Mount on foot. It takes just minutes to cross the ancient cobbled causeway where a legendary giant once walked. 

At high tide, the causeway is submerged, and you can take a boat across the water to the island. If you want to snap some epic shots for the gram, take photos when the pathway is halfway underwater (this looks so stunningly dreamy!). 

Climb to the castle, explore the sub-tropical gardens, and admire the glorious views.

St. Michael's Mount is a must-see in Cornwall.

St. Michael's Mount | Castle in Cornwall, Great Britain
Time to explore St. Michael's Mount!

St. Michael's Mount | Castle in Cornwall, England, UK
Castles were great places to go to party. They were famous for their knight life. ✌??

Castle window - St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall, UK
Dreamy windows inside St. Michael's Mount's castle.

St. Michaels Mount | Castle in Cornwall, Penzance, UK
Waiting for my prince at St. Michaels Mount.

St. Ives
– “The dazzling jewel in Cornwall’s crown”

Beach in St Ives, Cornwall, UK
St. Ives was voted one of TripAdvisor's top 10 European beaches.

How pretty isn't this view? No wonder St. Ives has been named the Best UK Seaside Town more than once. 

You might have to remind yourself that you are in mainland Britain and not on a Mediterranean island paradise.

Besides boasting with a quartet of golden-sand beaches and Cornwall's best surf spots, St Ives seaside town is charming and full of character.

There's a maze of narrow cobbled streets, fisherman’s cottages, cute independent shops, award-winning restaurants, cafes, cozy pubs, and many galleries and exhibitions.

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Beautiful viewpoint for photos in St Ives | Most Instagrammable Places in Cornwall, UK
St. Ives is one of the most Instagrammable places in Cornwall.

St. Ives in Cornwall, England, UK
St. Ives is called the dazzling jewel in Cornwall’s crown.

St. Ives Parish Church, Cornwall, England, UK
St. Ives Parish Church.

Eden Project
– The world's largest greenhouse

The Rainforest Biome, Eden Project | Most Instagrammable Places in Cornwall, UK
Fun, educating, and beautiful. Eden Project is a must-visit in Cornwall.

Exploring the Eden Project is one of the top things to do in Cornwall. It's the world's largest greenhouse!

What's more, The Eden Project is a breathtaking and refreshing green attraction with a focus on sustainability and fun, educational, and family-friendly activities. 

With three climatic zones and nearly two million plants, there's a lot of natural beauty to discover.

Most impressive are the two famous biomes bubbles, one simulating a rainforest environment – with everything from steamy jungle to a waterfall inside, and the second a Mediterranean environment. There's also an outdoor garden where you can see hemp, sunflowers, and other plants.

Depending on when you visit, it might be quite busy, but if you are patient and have some extra time, you can get awesome shots in different environments – looking like you've traveled all over the world. 

Eden Project | Attractions in Cornwall, England, UK
The Eden Project is an educational charity in Cornwall.

Mediterranean Biome, Eden Project, Cornwall, England, UK
Pretty views like this can be seen in the Mediterranean Biome.

Waterfall in Rainforest Biome, Eden Project, Cornwall, UK