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My Top 19 Places to Visit in the UK (Outside London)

For such a tiny country, the United Kingdom is packed with an incredible mix of diverse scenery. From its rugged coastlines and magical castles to sandy dunes, enchanting woods, quintessentially British countryside, and vibrant and welcoming cities. Here are my top 19 places to visit in the UK, besides London.

The United Kingdom feels like my second home. I’ve probably traveled more in the UK than I have in my own country Sweden. Or in any other country for that matter. I’ve traveled across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and I’m still craving to discover more. London is like a magical magnet pulling you in again and again. But the United Kingdom has so much more to offer any traveler.

The mix of diverse scenery, varied culture, and rich cultural heritage make it a pleasure to explore. As well as the friendly welcomes. Brits are so polite and make me feel at home wherever I go.

Why I Love Traveling Around the UK

One of the greatest pleasures of a UK vacation is the ease of exploring this fascinating country. The cities are very well connected, and you can just hop on a one-hour train ride an be in a completely different place. That’s amazing. You can, for example, go from a medieval castle town to a seaside resort with beaches and palm trees in just 10-minutes (see number 8 on my list). Next time you’re in the UK, discover the real Britain! Hire a car or get one of the BritRail Passes for unlimited train travel.

As inspiration, I’ve put together this list with some of the best places to visit in the UK (outside London):

19. Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Newcastle upon Tyne

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Known for Geordie Shore and its nightlife, this cosmopolitan city in the North is indeed fun to visit. Newcastle is united with its twin city Gateshead by seven iconic bridges across the River Tyne. The city itself is packed with cool restaurants, bars, cafés, famous music arenas, art museums – and, of course, Geordie warmth. You can start your day with a walk along the picturesque quayside, grab lunch in the Cook House‘s cozy container, visit the lovely art gallery The Biscuit Factory, head to Northumberland Street for shopping and try some excellent vegan and gluten-free food, at the quirky and laid-back restaurant The Herb Garden.

The best thing about Newcastle though is the nightlife. It has been rated among the best in the UK. Home to some of the liveliest Brits known to man, this is where it’s easy to find lots of fun cocktail bars and pubs.

Newcastle upon Tyne is also a great starting point for exploring Northumberland and Durham. Edinburgh is only a 1-hour 30-minute journey north.

18. Durham, England

Durham City

Hop on a train from Newcastle, and you will be in Durham in just 11 minutes. Here you can marvel at the awe-inspiring Durham Cathedral (this is where Harry Potter’s Transfiguration class in The Chamber of Secrets took place) and stare jealously at the students attending the Hogwarts-like university Durham University. The university is situated in a real castle (where some students actually live). And there’s even a Great Hall inside where the students eat their lunch.

One of the best reasons to visit Durham is also to check in to the superb luxury 5 star Seaham Hall Hotel and Serenity Spa. The Georgian country house is situated on top of a cliff with views over Durham’s beautiful coastline and rugged countryside. It is the perfect place to relax and unwind. This is also where I had the best body massage in my life.

17. St. Davids, Wales

St. Davis Cathedral, Great Britain

What can you do in Britain’s smallest city, St. Davids? Not much. But that is also the charm of this place. St. Davids sits tucked away in a sheltered vale beside the River Alun. Only around 1 800 people are living here. It’s peaceful, serene and relaxing. The city is also home to one of Wales’ most iconic religious sites, St. Davids Cathedral. And oh my lord, that is an impressive building! And definitely worth seeing.

Apart from that, there’s a store with ‘Interesting Things’ (that’s the name of the store) and a bar or two. Nearby, in the same county, Pembrokeshire, is also a 5-star castle hotel called Roch Castle (awarded the Best 5 Star Hotel in Wales for 2017 by Trivago).

16. Cardiff, Wales

Adaras by Cardiff Castle, Wales

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The capital of Wales, Cardiff, is an excellent starting point before exploring everything that the country of castles has to offer. Wales has more castles per square mile than any other country in Europe. The capital has a castle too, Cardiff Castle, which is built on the ruins of a Roman fort in the middle of the city.

I didn’t have so much time to explore Cardiff, but the three things that impressed me the most was:

  1. The breathtaking interior inside Cardiff Castle. This is a thing not to be missed! Of all the castles I’ve seen in the world, I think the interior inside Cardiff Castle and Sintra Palace in Portugal are the most impressive.
  2. The Chapel 1877 Restaurant. For a dinner to remember this is where you want to go. The Chapel 1877 is a 3-story fine dining restaurant inside a restored and luxurious-decorated former chapel.
  3. The city’s many beautiful Victorian shopping arcades.

15. Liverpool, England

A Day in Liverpool - A Quick Guide for Beginners
View over Liverpool from Hope Street Hotel

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From football and The Beatles Story to cinematic streets, Britain’s largest cathedral, and the historic waterfront. Liverpool is often thought of as one of the friendliest cities in the United Kingdom. And it’s hard not to fall in love with the atmosphere! Just spend some time strolling around the riverside and Alber Dock (Liverpool’s cultural heart), and you’ll understand what I mean.

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14. Birmingham, England

Birmingham by night

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As the United Kingdom’s second largest city, Birmingham, has something for everyone to enjoy. It’s a spicy and colorful city with more miles of canals than Venice and an exciting mix of futuristic and eye-popping architecture and old 18th-century industrialist buildings. Alongside the picturesque canals are gleaming shopping centers, secret cocktail bars, craft breweries, a state-of-the-art-library and world-class restaurants.

Birmingham is located in the Midlands, just 1 hour and 25 minutes away from London by train. Birmingham also has its own airport with directs arrivals from all major UK and European destinations.

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13. Manchester, England

Manchester, Great Britain

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Manchester is unofficially dubbed as ‘The Capital of the North.’ It’s famous for being the football capital of the world and the birthplace of the industrial revolution. It is also one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the United Kingdom. The city center has a contagious buzz and is jam-packed with trendy restaurants, excellent shops, bars, traditional pubs, venues, museums, and galleries. I also love the diversity of the city and the cool mix of old and ultra-modern buildings.

It is a city with many personalities. You can literally find anything you want, which is why it’s SO good for a weekend away. Don’t miss visiting the gorgeous Town Hall and John Rylands Library.

Thanks to its international airport, Manchester is often the first stop for visitors to northern England, Scotland, or Wales.

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12. Glasgow, Scotland

Necropolis, Glasgow, Scotland

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Even though Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow, is only a one hour train ride from Edinburgh, I think most people know surprisingly little about Glasgow. So hop on that train and discover this friendly, fun and fascinating city with excellent shopping streets, world-class museums, and galleries (with free entry). The city also has lots of music events, cool street art and plenty of nice bars, pubs, and, restaurants.

Don’t miss strolling through the city of the dead, or in other words the gothic masterpiece Necropolis. And visiting Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. If you are a fan of Celtic music, connect with your inner Celt at the winter music festival Celtic Connections.

11. Llangollen, Wales

Dee Side Cafe, Llangollen, Wales

Talk about an idyllic place! Llangollen (khlan-goth-len) is a small town of some 3 600 people in north-east Wales. It is nestled in a valley around the River Dee and is surrounded by cute hills.

It’s also a place steeped in myth and legend. Visit the fascinating historical site, Valle Crucis Abbey, browse the many independent shops, eat sticky toffee pudding at the Corn Mill, and go on a quite creepy canal-boat ride on the spectacular Pontcysyllte Aqueduct (if you dare).

10. Cumbria & Lake District, England

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Cumbria and Lake District is often considered to be the place to come if you want to experience the most beautiful scenery in England. With sparkling glacial lakes, secret valleys, rolling hills, historical buildings, castles, charming towns, and villages it’s a pleasure to explore. Visit the romantic castle Brougham Castle, walk along the longest surviving stretch of Hadrian’s Wall and take a boat tour on Ullswater.

I would love to return to Cumbria and Lake District when the trees are blooming. When I visited the area during early spring, I still saw the greenest grass I’ve ever seen and cute daffodils dancing in the breeze. But I can’t wait to return and see Cumbria and Lake District in all its glory.

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9. Brighton, England

Sunset in Brighton

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If you only want to make a day trip from London, Brighton is probably one of the loveliest trips you can make (though I think you should stay longer). It’s quite hard to imagine that you can just hop on a one hour-train from London and get a taste of the California beach life. Or that’s what it feels like. Brighton reminds me so much of one of my favorite places on earth: Santa Monica. The major difference is that it is a pebble beach instead of a sandy beach, and slightly colder weather – but otherwise, the vibe is so Cali!

There’s a pleasure pier loaded with rides, attractions, carnival games and candy floss. Along the beach are cute boutique shops with all sorts of interesting things, coffee kiosks, restaurants and seafront activities. There are also street musicians volleyball and basketball players adding to this lovely and laid back atmosphere. This is where you want to grab a fish and chips takeaway and just relax in front of the sea.

Don’t miss the stunning Royal Pavilion, the record-breaking British Airways i360, and to check out the innovative independent restaurants and shops in the city.

8. Conwy & Llandudno, Wales

Conwy Castle, Wales - Top Places to Visit in Great Britain